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routeros for cavium OCTEON processor-based solutions

Sun May 08, 2011 4:22 am

The Cavium Networks OCTEON XL family of multi-function accelerator boards and NICs delivers the industry’s broadest range of compatible boards for security (SSL/IPsec, SRTP, Data-at-Rest), TCP, compression/decompression, and Intrusion Prevention/Anti-virus (IPS/AV) processing in secure network services and storage applications. The OCTEON XL boards enable the fastest time to market for appliances from 1Gbps to 14Gbps performance. These boards integrate unique capabilities such as LAN bypass for high-availability applications, as well as optional C/C++ programmability of the on-board OCTEON or OCTEON Plus Multi-core MIPS64 processor.
OCTEON XL boards are targeted for use in a wide variety of OEM networking, security, and storage appliances, based on the widely deployed PCI/PCI-X architecture.

The OCTEON XL product family is divided into four product lines based upon the distinct performance, feature, and cost requirements of the target equipment. All OCTEON XL boards and NICs are offered in a standard PCI/PCI-X form-factor, supported by a portable host driver and API’s for hardware offload. Various product options are available within each family to suit the specific needs of each individual application. ... dware.html
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Re: routeros for cavium OCTEON processor-based solutions

Sun May 08, 2011 1:18 pm

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