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Mikrotik point-to-point using wds

Sat Nov 12, 2005 12:49 pm

Hi, i've just started using Mikrotik (well, trying to, i should say), and i need to integrate it into a working network based on Linksys WRTs.
I needed to use 5Ghz for long distance link so i decided to buy a couple of Mikrotik routers.
I have no problem into linkink the two devices bridged, one as ap, one ad client, but it's not exactly what i need.
I would like to keep the setup i've been using with the WRTs, i.e. using wds to create point-to-point routed interfaces between the APs, and not bridging.
Just to be clearer, i do not use wds as a real repeater, i just use wds to have different point-to-point interfaces, so that the wireless interface has a /30 and the customer has a /28 on the ethernet side.

From the documentation i see it is not possible to do the same with Mikrotik, i alway see the two devices being bridged.
Is it true? i see it is possible to use WDS between Mikrotik and WRT (of course, using 2.4 Ghz freq) but wht about the point-to-point interfaces?

My ideal setup is a three or four mikrotick device that is connected 5 Ghz to the backbone, and uses three other wireless card to cover the sectors.

Any hint is really appreciated!

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