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who can help me to set up something with Mikrotik.

Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:40 pm

Hi @ all.

i was working before for a provider as a manager for new clients and i know Mikrotik OS/hardware but not Good...

i have just set up some access points and i want to become a internet service provider in my city but all what i want to do is.

how can i set up the Mikrotik that clients can active the internet connection themselves with " scratch Cartels " like prepaid mobile numbers is doing.

also, what do i need to make my own website or ftp to notify The Client that his internet connection has expired "when it expires, a provider in our country have this system .. "when the internet connection is expired in browser can be loaded only their website and appears that Connection is expired" how can i set it up too?

waiting for one answer.
help is appreciated.
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Re: who can help me to set up something with Mikrotik.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:20 am

Well... It seems easy - with HOTSPOT :). I think it's what you are looking for. And also an external server with Radius and PHP and a database :).
Each user can have his account, and the Radius server will inform MikroTik about limits for the user. If the limits are over, user will be redirected to your PHP page, where he can write the special code from the card he bought from you - and increase his limits.
It would be even easier (and even not necessary to have Radius) to create separate hotspot accounts for each code - but that way everyone stays anonymous (legal problems?) and the limits cannot be added (the connection is terminated after reaching the limit, and then the user needs to login with different key). So the first version will be better.
And also - later you can think about possibility to buy a code or directly increase the limit for a user with online payments (like PayPal) - that's much easier than the "scratch cartels" :)

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