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MPLS - VPLS over Routed OSPF Network

Sun Apr 29, 2012 4:42 pm

Hello, I am in the process of building a WISP and am using all mikrotik and ubiquiti for now.

My plan after many months of "having it figured out" has changed several times as I realize that one part of the plan his some limitation. That said I think I have come up with a solution (for now).

My network is all routed, using OSPF and I plan on running MPLS on top with VPLS tunnels to transport users back to the core where I can either NAT them or give them a public IP. In order to reduce the amount of equipment we have to install and maintain I was hoping to use VLAN's on the edge of the network (tower routers) to bridge the VPLS tunnel to the radio.
This way I can have one VLAN for management on the wireless interface and another bridged with the VPLS tunnel on the LAN side.
Is anyone else doing this? I'm curious if there are any gotcha's to the above setup. I know a lot of people use EoIP to accomplish the same (don't know if they normally bridge them to a VLAN or not tho) but after reading many posts on how much faster MPLS/VPLS is, it seems like the way to go.

BTW, I have all ubiquiti radio's set to an MTU of 1544 and the same with the Mtiks (except one 450G that is now going to have to be replaced, ugh..) Is that a large enough MTU or am I missing anything assuming, ethernet, VLAN, MPLSx2 and VPLS.


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