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Antenna alignment using the "Alignment" tool

Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:47 pm


I was traying to make work the align functionality with no seccess. I want to aling a SXT CPE connected to an OmniTik AP using the "Alignment" functionality with Winbox. I was lokking for documentation or guide here and the wiki but all i've found is a bit confusing.
What is the correct procedure to do the algnment right? it's enough with just doing it on the station side? or required both, AP and STATION sides configuration?, Must the AP and/or CPE be in "alignmet-only mode"?, where should i hear the beeps?...

some images to be more descriptive (station side):

- SXT CPE wireless mode: "station bridge" (the image)
- OmniTik AP wireless mode: "ap bridge"

I've tried playing arround with the parameters but i never hear the beeps and as you can see "TX's" and "Correct" fields doesn't show anything.

Wiki documentation: ... less#Align

Thanks for helping!

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Re: Antenna alignment using the "Alignment" tool

Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:12 pm

you will hear the sound at the station, you have to enter the mac address for the ap you want to allign to in the Audio monitor, with the range, its a nice idea and ive used it on rb433 before, but at the end of the day the actual reassurance of winbox/telnet is the best way to do it. the audio can be deceiving, there was a few scripts that would do the same with the "blink" function on the router, that would use both the audio and the blink, making it easier for you, if i remember correctly the ap was in normal ap bridge, and it worked, there is a few things to consider, like the bouncing and so forth that you will see even in winbox will be on the sound, since thats where you get the stats from for the freq, you can make this work, and so forth, in my honest opinion this should be a last resort, and is more an eg. of how versatility the ROS platform is.

Good luck and enjoy
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Re: Antenna alignment using the "Alignment" tool

Wed Feb 25, 2015 4:36 pm

Does something changed with latest RouterOS?
Before (RouterOS 4-5) I was able to correctly make antenna alignmento, now not more.

mode= AP Bridge
WDS= static
WDS interface correctly set on MAC client Radio
Protocol= NV2
Security profile=mySecProf

mode= station WDS
Protocol= NV2
Security profile=mySecProf

Radio2 is correctly registering on Radio1, from Radio2 I can correctly see Radio1 SSID from snooper and from scan (receiving signal from Radio1 -76dB).

mode=antenna alignment
scan list=blocked on Radio1 frequency
active mode, receive all and SSID all sat on Wireless Alignment Settings window.
I start alihnment but I see nothing.

What's wrong?
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Re: Antenna alignment using the "Alignment" tool

Thu Feb 11, 2016 6:11 am

I made a short film with the alignment procedure. Enjoy.

If the link does not work, just search for "mikrotik antenna alignment" on youtube.

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