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Connecting to one ap from multiple with same ssid on same ch

Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:36 pm

Hello, i have
and until yesterday i could easily connect to FON network, fonera.
But today someone bought himself another fon router and he set it to same channel as others.
So lets simplify:
there is few open AP and all are on same channel with same ssid, i need to connect only to one specified MAC.
I tried to add those mac to scan-list (connect- list) but in log i see that rb tries to connect also to other APs.
And i always have authentication timeout.
Yesterday everything was OK - today cant connect.
I also cant connect nor with PC nor with tablet or android phone, but i though that in mikrotik is some setting to filter other AP and connect only to one....
is it? If so please help. thanks.

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