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951G 2hnd sometimes will not boot - wtf?

Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:50 pm


I am new to MT router OS and hardware.

Brand new (2 weeks in service) router 951G 2hnd (this one with USB port). Sometimes it will not boot after power reset. It beeps, it looks like its booting but STOP - it will not show its WiFi SSID network, it will not respond on hw ethernet ports. If we power it off and on again it will boot okay... It is rare but happens :-( I do my best to shutdown it always via system-shutdown (winbox). In 2 weeks time I had like 20 power offs (I disconnect it from mains! Mainly after proper menu shutdown) and 2-3 problems with power on...
Bad hardware piece? Kernel panic at boot up? I do not have a clue... please help me to track down that problem. Shop will tell me that hardware is okay - it boots. The problem might not show to them. Today I have installed that in remote location, come back to home and no response, fault agian. Tomorrow I will power reset it and it will work... but you never know when it will fail agian :(
Router does not freeze, self shutdown etc - when it boots, it is rock solid. If it boots!
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Re: 951G 2hnd sometimes will not boot - wtf?

Mon Oct 20, 2014 7:09 am

I have exactly the same problem.
After a power failure, the router will not boot. Sometimes you have to reset to default settings
model: 951G-2HnD
MikroTik RouterOS 6.21rc8
current-firmware: 3.18
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Re: 951G 2hnd sometimes will not boot - wtf?

Mon Oct 27, 2014 7:56 am

I have this issue on a RB921UAGS-5SHPacD-NM <-- Needs to be shorter.

Ethernet port shows link status, on both sides however, But no data can pass, Winbox search will not show the device in the list...

power cycling it will fix the problem.

It doesn't do this on every single boot, but often enough that it is annoying. It had to be installed to upgrade a link, and is now on a 40 foot tower and don't have easy physical access to. Just the Ethernet cable unplugging trick :-)

Running 6.19

Oddly, the other side of this link with exact same hardware purchased at the same time, does not have this issue.

* one note The POE injector that I have will only allow it to connect at 100 Mbit, I am suspecting this may be the reason it fails to pass traffic properly. But oddly enough, same POE on both sides

BTW MIKROTIK... All of my other POE injectors have two FEMALE RJ45 connectors. So shipping RB921UAGS-5SHPacD-NM with the gigabit injector that is an inline ( one male, and one female connector) injector REALLY messes up my setup!
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Re: 951G 2hnd sometimes will not boot - wtf?

Fri Oct 31, 2014 6:39 pm

Hi Krionyx,

do you use POE or AC/DC adaptor?

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