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MiMo link strange behavior

Wed Nov 19, 2014 12:25 pm

Hi guys, on a wireless link I have a strange issue, despite I have 2 chain active on wireless link, why on registration table status I can see the 3d chain tx/rx signal strenght Ch2 -86dBm ??
status: connected-to-ess
                    band: 5ghz-n
               frequency: 5400MHz
       wireless-protocol: nv2
                 tx-rate: 120.0Mbps
                 rx-rate: 150.0Mbps
                    ssid: XXXXX
                   bssid: D4:CA:6D:11:3A:07
              radio-name: XXXXXX
         signal-strength: -59dBm
     signal-strength-ch0: -63dBm
     signal-strength-ch1: -62dBm
      tx-signal-strength: -52dBm
  tx-signal-strength-ch0: -59dBm
  tx-signal-strength-ch1: -54dBm
  tx-signal-strength-ch2: -86dBm
             noise-floor: -109dBm
         signal-to-noise: 50dB
                  tx-ccq: 75%
                  rx-ccq: 100%
          overall-tx-ccq: 35%
   authenticated-clients: 1
        current-distance: 12
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