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hAP lite: Upload file to the Internet timeout

Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:32 am

I have bought hAP lite then connected it to my existing network with default configuration, my network diagram is attached.

Router OS: 6.27
Quick Set: Home AP
Ether1 connect to network with ip
Router internal IP:
Ether2-4 and Wifi are bridged with dhcp assign ip: -
Firewall: Default
NAT: Default (masquerade)

I have started testing download file on PC1 from external server on the internet via HTTP and FTP and download speed is about 18 Mbps but when I try to upload via HTTP and FTP, speed is just 5 KBps and finally timeout without successfully so I think it could be a problem with my RB941-2nD then I have tested download/upload file from internal FTP server IP and download/upload speed is 90-100 Mbps so it seems not about my RB941-2nD?

I have tested again by remove RB941-2nD and connect PC1 directly to switch and gateway assigned my PC1 with ip then I try to download from external server on the internet via HTTP and FTP again but this time download/upload speed is 20/6 Mbps and files are uploaded/downloaded successfully without any problem.

Do you guy have any idea what cause problem? I have tried to reset my RB941-2nD many time but it wasn't solve external server upload problem.
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