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DHCP IP Configuration using radius

Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:08 pm


I am using Free Radius with Mikrotik DHCP for Client Authorization. I experience the following issue:

When I return Access-Accept with Framed-IP-Address attribute, the DHCP Server does not return the correct IP Setting. It puts only the IP address in the response. This way the auto configuration does not work with static ip address using the DHCP server.

When I return Framed-Pool attribute with correct ip pool name, the routerboard assigned a free ip address and send a correct auto configuration setting via DHCP service. It also set correct Queue for the client.

I have test also response with Framed-Pool and Framed-IP-Address, but it does not work.

I do not know is it a bug or has been designed this way.

The version which I am using is 6.31.

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Tsvetomir Gospodinov

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